Andrew Christian underwearthe intimate wanted for the man who wants to impress.

Andrew Christian is ironically spicy brand that is depopulating in the United States, finally available in Italy thanks to our online shop. The designer has created several lines of intimate, with surprising design technologies, which break with the aesthetic standards of recent years 50. His models are anatomical, why follow delicately, like a sensual caress, intimate curves of your body, enhancing your manhood without hiding anything.

Even Andrew Christian costumes are a colorful parade, including acrobatic combinations of colors and design that goes beyond fashion. Andrew Christian panties are available in different lines, each with its own particular mood specially designed to bring out the most of your body and your sexuality. Colored vibe is the slip ultra lightweight, sporty and trendy with its cheerful and bright colors. You can wear them with utmost comfort because the materials with which they are made are chosen to achieve the highest quality.

Naturally also it provides for the realization of high quality standards. Why the seams are almost invisible and do not give the classic pungent so annoying effect. Even his boxers, like all the intimate Andrew Christian are designed around modern man, dynamic, determined and knows what he wants but, above all, he knows how to get it. really you can feel free to express your personality, Both with the most easy models that those with more sophisticated and attractive.

You will always be sure to wear a high performance leader, in natural or technical fabric, according to your needs. Whatever your aesthetic preferences, you will never be short of charm. Seduction is an art. Comfort is a right. With the intimate Andrew Christian I met these requirements without sacrificing the aesthetic that is always cared for in every detail. offers Andrew Christian online sales in Italy with competitive prices and unprecedented opportunities.

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