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C-in2 is the sexy lingerie from sporty, practical and quality, which is tailored to every moment of your day. With C-in2 lingerie sexy lingerie man evolves. only created from high-quality materials, intimate garments created by the designer Gregory Sovell ensure not only excellent performance, but also excellent durability.

The fabrics are innovative, the result of research and experiments that led to the rigorous selection of technological materials and mix of fibers able to maximize the performance. That's why C-in2 slip, for example, can also be worn during sports or particularly demanding tasks. Their containment capacity You will leave you undisturbed and act always in total comfort.

The front pouch is anatomically and of different sizes, so it can accommodate your intimate needs without any feeling of tightness or discomfort. The design is fresh and dynamic, perfect for those who love the movement and you always want to dress fashionable, even when it comes to laundry. The colors are all trendy, mixed in various combinations, Precisely to support the different chromatic tastes.

Wear an intimate Subpart C-in2 means making a quality choice, but also of practicality and functionality. In fact, you can wear it under clothing you prefer, the underwear C-in2 remains discreet and invisible without showing seams or unsightly bulges. C-in2 is distributed by Intimoboy.com, one of the few retailers worldwide, at prices truly inimitable.


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