The cockring, ancient erotic jewel regains its aesthetic and decorative function, without neglecting the practical aspect of its essence. Known since the time of the Ming, cockring filled with erotic literature pages. Formerly it was made for the most affluent, precious jade or ivory, for those who had lower economic possibilities with silk threads and lucky materials.

The function, however, was always the same. The cockring, genital ring, was an ornamental object that made the most delicious games of seduction and intimate approach. During the years her appearance, however, was definitely supplanted by the functional. Placed at the base of the penis it allows, due to constriction of blood vessels, to maintain longer erection.

This was the crux of the misunderstanding. Since that time it has become a purely performance object to use of people with erectile difficulties. Fortunately, todaycockring has also regained its purely aesthetic and decorative value. Cockring jewel they are created with original design, responding to a need varied aesthetic, but classy. Wearing one of these ornaments makes the more intriguing intimate, pleasant and enjoyable. new and intense sensations that stimulate all the senses.

The cock ring can be worn by anyone, not just by those who wish to improve its performance. exclusive lines and comfortable materials make it an object of daily use. Made of leather, leather, synthetic hypoallergenic materials and metals, it can be adjusted to suit your personal needs. A precious jewel for unforgettable moments.

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