intimate Ergowear

Surprising news of, the shop that proposes the inner trend of the best international brands. Here is a new brand to discover and that will captivate, Ergowear. The intimate Ergowear revolutionizes the concept of underwear for men with leaders from the sophisticated look and extraordinarily comfortable fabric. The secret is in the perfect balance between style and fit, carefully measured to provide the intimate simply perfect. But not only, Ergowear is also gymwear and beachwear. The comfortable ergonomic bag contains and offers three-dimensional volume to your forms, making you feel more at ease in any situation, even during the most intense workouts.

The anatomical support has been carefully designed not only to make you more attractive, but also to give you all the freedom you want, without ever feel embarrassed or uncomfortable because of tissue tightening, scratch or itch. All Ergowear intimate garments offered by Intimoby are a guarantee of comfort. Wear them and feel a freshness that you can not give up. The antimicrobial fabric, a real innovation, they give you a fresh, clean scent throughout the day, even if you train or you're out of the house for several hours. Pova the natural look, sexy and, above all, trendy intimate Ergowear. You can choose from various models, classic or original color combinations colors.

Each piece is the result of careful research that combines the right amount of textile engineering and technological innovation, to offer yourself just perfectly ergonomic clothing. From today the intimate changes appearance, more comfort, more volume, more style. Choose from our selection the one that ticks you up and try the freshness of the Ergowear garments.

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