Pikante underwear for men

The sporting grit and the young irony of a brand that does not leave anything to chance from life original and never predictable creations what are those proposed by Pikante underwear line. The unconventional design, but with a keen eye on forms of sensuality, with discreet elegance enhances the male intimacy. You can opt for an intimate anatomical sexy man model, where the front pouch harmonizing forms and makes extremely comfortable fit of garments, or for a traditional, that caresses the skin with unprecedented sensitivity.

The colors are always trendy, funny and brilliant, to be discovered. Pikante has long been a guarantee that all the materials are carefully chosen only among the best on the market. After passing a strict selection become an avant-garde work, the most delicious intimate fashion creations of the moment. You can really play around with Pikante underwear and wear a different model every day because the costs are contained, but the variety of choices is so great.

If you want to seduce with style without losing your spirit bursting, entrusted to the quality of a modern brand. Versatile microfiber, soft cotton, spandex winding, it depends only on your mood. You can play with sexy slippers, do business with your underwear, or feel free to express your character without any constraint. Intimoboy.com offers you the Pikante lines at very exclusive prices.

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