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The passion for fashion is called Rufskin. The South-Californian brand not only produces clothing, but creates a real lifestyle. A man Rufskin recognizes for his decisive, but not artificially sophisticated character, for the pleasure of the original lines and the trendy colors, for the sporty and imaginatively sexy cut.

If you feel a Rufskin man, immerse yourself in the versatile world, young and sensual of this innovative brand. fresh and trendy garments, born from the need to create a new concept of male sensuality. The idea was that fact to occupy a niche in the fashion segment neglected for many years. The first designs are oriented towards the production of denim jeans low waist and tight that enhance the male body.

In time, the brand has felt the need to expand its scope by producing not just denim. Here they are born of intimate Rufskin lines, vividly sexy, that allow you to emphasize the male essence in all its forms. Briefs, boxers, thongs, all have an irresistible charm married to the need of comfort.

But sexy men's style can not be circumscribed. The Rufskin costumes break the patterns of the old way of conceiving manhood, taking on simple shapes from the strong sport-chic taste. Fantasy and originality combined with passion for the male body give birth to the Rufskin creations, clothing, accessories, lingerie and swimwear fashion to be discovered in the sparkling proposals






03-02-2013           Rufskin Double Vision

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