For intense moments of intimate pleasure, Tenga offers a range of products dedicated to the male world to have fun by yourself or with friends. The Tenga products are designed to increase the feelings of pleasure and improve sexual life, thanks to a safe and enjoyable stimulation. The design is original and captivating as that of egg Tenga. Practical, stylish and discreet, they can be easily carried anywhere, for a unique pleasure to be fulfilled in every circumstance.

With these products you can easily overcome your taboos, but also train yourself to increase your resistance. In fact, just by using these products, you can prevent episodes of premature ejaculation, giving you not only pleasant feelings, but also increasing your self-esteem. You can use them alone or with your partner, without inhibitions, because they are very simple and completely safe. The materials are all of excellent quality and their safety has been tested to the highest standards required by the market.

The egg takes, like all other products of the brand, are hygienic and conform to 100% within safe parameters, so you can use them with peace of mind without any fear. The sale Keep it accessible, thanks to the competitive prices, a number of objects for your intimate pleasure, but also a nice gift, original and casual. Why give maximum pleasure when it is easy to reach? Give or given a product Tenga, you will discover a dimension of practical and safe fun It will help you improve your performance and amaze your partner with sympathy and originality.

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